Diocese of Chichester Education

Interactive Version

If you’re a chair of a Diocese school, you may already have received your special set of RIGHT Programme cards, which are the physical outworking of the Programme. They’re nice, and handy to keep with you to refer to.

If you do not have a pack of RIGHT Programme cards, please contact us at schoolgovernors@chichester.anglican.org and we’ll send you one.

Even more useful is the interactive web version which you can download below, in which the hyperlinks take you to additional, related content on key issues.  Please be aware that this is still a work in progress and many of the links will only become live as the content becomes available over the coming year.

We suggest that you keep it handy on whatever device you use at governing body meetings – it’s less obtrusive than cards, and means you can do some checking as needed…

Interactive PDF version for download