Diocese of Chichester Education

Training and Resources

The purpose of the Chichester Diocesan Board of Education is to support the work of all those involved in education within the Diocese of Chichester - developing and strengthening its Church Schools and Academies, to serve their communities in the name of Christ, equipping them to strive for excellence in all things, as they demonstrate an authentic experience of Christian community.

To aid this the Diocese offers a variety of training courses and inset days. Training is delivered both face to face and virtually. Courses are timed, where possible, to cause the least disruption to the school day or to the work day for Governors.

On the Parish/Schools Page you will find diocesan and external resources and links for churches working with schools.

On the External Link Page you will find flyers and various information on training and resources from external parties.

Training courses an be found on the Training Page of this website.