Diocese of Chichester Education


From Understanding Christianity

'Life in all its fullness' 
(John 10:10 NLT)

How essential it is to have strong positive vision! Leadership is essential in establishing vision and building on the values to bring hope. The Diocese of Chichester is committed to working with our family of schools to establish and develop strong leadership so that learning, working and volunteering in our schools is a joy! 

Outstanding exciting schools – for every one!

We wish to build capacity in all our schools to help them to excel and to be outstanding. To enable this we will support and sustain strong effective school leaders to enable schools to flourish.

Ways to support schools include:

  • Visiting and knowing our schools to build trust with school leaders discussing priorities and working on school improvement plans.
  • Provide both formal planned task-based meetings and informal catch-up pastoral style visits.
  • Identify strong teachers and leaders and those who have specific needs. Celebrate and sign post to exciting exemplary practice
  • Pair up support between schools or consultants, with understanding of the school’s needs , believing that we all have strengths and areas to develop and these change over time (rather than promoting a ‘have and have-not’ system!)
  • Sustain strong leaders in position through confidential support for the leader to enable them to be as effective as possible
  • Support and advise governors to appoint appropriate new headteachers and deputy heads
  • Lead aspiring heads to prepare them well for their own future professional journey
  • Intensive support available to new heads, both individually and in small groups where appropriate
  • Support for schools for Ofsted Inspections: in preparation before, during and after! Work with leaders, governors and staff.
  • Work alongside leaders in schools with the Ofsted judgement ‘Special Measures’ or ‘Requires Improvement’ to accelerate school improvement.