Diocese of Chichester Education

Diocesan Board of Education

The Chichester Diocesan Board of Education's constitution was certified by the Archbishops Council on 13th December 2021 in accordance with the Diocesan Board of Education Measure 2021.

Trustees and Governors of Church of England Schools and Academies in the Diocese are bound by law to consult the Board before making any agreement or arrangement with the Secretary of State, the Charity Commission, or the local education authority with respect to re-arrangement, amalgamation, discontinuance, sale, letting or other dealings with such schools.

Following The 2021 Measure the Diocesan Board of Education has the following composition:

Ex-officio The Rt Revd Dr Martin Warner
Secretary Mr Trevor Cristin (Director of Education)
Bishop’s Appointment and Chair The Venerable Luke Irvine-Capel
Bishop's Appointments Revd Martha Mutikani
Revd David King
Synod Clergy Members Revd Canon Mark Gilbert
Revd Canon Paul Seaman
Synod Lay Members Mrs Elizabeth Henderson
Mrs Brenda Large
Mr Andrew Crighton
Mr Philip Bowden
Co-opted Members Mr Bernard Adkins
DBF Member Vacancy
CE Secondary Head Mr Chris Keating
CE Primary Head Mrs Carol Meakins

The DBE Measure 2021 states that a DBE must:

  • Promote or assist in the promotion of education in the diocese which is consistent with the faith and practice of the Church of England.
  • Promote or assist in the promotion of religious education and religious worship in schools in the diocese.
  • Promote or assist in the promotion of church schools in the diocese.
  • Promote co-operation between itself and other persons connected with education in the diocese.

In order to fulfil these functions, the Diocesan Board of Education supports the following areas:

  • Christian Distinctiveness
  • School Inspections – Ofsted & SIAMS
  • Supporting headteacher appointments
  • Buildings
  • Governing Bodies
  • Training
  • Curriculum
  • School Improvement
  • Admission Appeals
  • School Planning
  • Land Ownership
  • Academisation

There are two sub-committees within the Diocesan Board of Education:

  • Land and Buildings Committee
  • Education and Ethos Committee

For more information about the work of the Board contact:
Lesley Hurst, Tel: 01273 425687 or email lesley.hurst@chichester.anglican.org