Diocese of Chichester Education



The Chichester Board of Education works closely with the governing bodies in our church schools and we are grateful for the time that our governors give to this important role.
We offer support and advice (NEW designated Governors email address) covering a wide range of aspects of governance, particularly with foundation governors and their appointment.
We provide training for governors as well as further training on specific aspects of church school governance.  All 2019-20 governor training to come.

The latest  Foundation Governors Nomination Form and Code of Conduct (Updated May 2019) must be used for all new and renewal foundation governor applications. 


Memorandum of Understanding between the National Society and the Department of Education. 

For a collection of the latest documents on Local Authority Maintained Schools: Governance go here.

The latest Governance Handbook - March 2019.  The Competency Framework for Governance 2017 remains the same.
Statutory Amendment for Constitutions and Federations of maintained schools out now.

The government has passed new regulations for governors which come into force on 18th March 2016
The Regulations state:
DBS checks and Governors:
By 1 Sept 2016 all maintained school governing bodies to have applied for enhanced check on all serving governors who do not have one.
By 1 April 2016 all maintained school governing bodies to apply for enhanced check on any newly appointed governor within 21 days of appointment.

Church of England Embracing Change - Rural and Small Schools March 2018

Self Review Questions for governing bodies taken from Church of England Embracing Change - rural and small schools March 2018