Diocese of Chichester Education

Diocese of Chichester Education Trust  (DoCET)

The Diocese of Chichester Education Trust (DoCET) was set up and incorporated in 2013 by the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) as an umbrella trust.  According to the provisions of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 lawyers advise that umbrella trusts should limit their activities to the appointment of members and directors, their training and equipping for their role and the monitoring of academy trust performance.

DoCET therefore has accountability to the DBE for a system of selection of excellent members and if necessary directors who would have a broad range of high level competency in relevant fields, especially business, education, finance, law, marketing and personnel.These individuals would also have to grasp fully the essential dimension of Christian Distinctiveness and mission.

DoCET is required to have members present at Academy Trust AGMs and be aware, throughout the year, of the general performance of each trust to which it has appointed members.

Bishop of Chichester: Rt Revd Dr Martin Warner
Archdeacon appointed by the Bishop of Chichester: The Venerable Dr Edward Dowler
Diocesan Secretary: Miss Gabrielle Higgins
Chichester Diocesan Fund and Board of Finance Incorporated: Authorised representative: Mr Philip Bowden
Any additional members appointed by special resolution: None

Bishop of Chichester: Rt Revd Dr Martin Warner
Diocesan Director of Education: Mr Trevor Cristin
Diocesan Secretary: Miss Gabrielle Higgins
Up to 9 appointed by Members: 1. Mr Philip Bowden
Up to 3 appointed by Directors: None
Co-optees: None
Company Secretary and Clerk: Ms Lesley Hurst

DoCET oversees four trusts within the Diocese:


St Lawrence School

Bishop Luffa School

Bishop Otter Academy Trust

DoCET also works closely with the following Trusts:

Tenax - Sir Henry Fermor CE Primary School

Ark - Ark Alexandra Academy