Diocese of Chichester Education


With the steady decline in low cost, high value support for schools, we, in the Diocese of Chichester, are pleased to be able to offer visits, reviews, mentoring, coaching and CPD opportunities across the diocese in the year 2019/2020.

This year the Training Programme will be published on line - see below.   However hard copies of the Diocese of Chichester's Course Planner which outlines all the Education Department will be offering over the academic year will be sent to each school.  All the flyers for training courses and events will be online and booked through Eventbrite This will be supported in greater detail in our Education monthly E-News. Please ensure you do get these emails. They are sent out to every headteacher and from September every Clerk to Governors (to forward to all governors) on the first working day of every month.  Some headteachers have found them appear in their junk or spam but we do send these emails out to every school where we have up-to-date email addresses.This is a vital part of our communication strategy so please do check.

We are particularly keen to provide opportunities in this era of school to school support to provide occasions on which you can meet each other and share ideas. This is why we run RE and Governor Networks and why we are supporting the Peer Group Networks run under the auspices of the Church of England National Foundation for Education.