Diocese of Chichester Education


The RIGHT Programme content is contained within a set of cards.

One version is electronic, in which the hyperlinks are live, and take you to related pages.

The other version is an actual pack of cards! It’s a very useful boxed set, and is free to any chair of governors at any Diocese of Chichester school. All you need do is ask, and we’ll be delighted to send you a pack.

The RIGHT Programme is built on eight key elements. These are:

  • •RIGHT team
  • •RIGHT structure
  • •RIGHT networks
  • •RIGHT tools
  • •RIGHT emphasis
  • •RIGHT support
  • •RIGHT model
  • •RIGHT outcome

In addition to the card set, these elements are delivered and supported through RIGHT Programme events, organised by the Diocese, to which all RIGHT members are invited. We’ve often observed the benefits of providing an environment where chairs can talk and discuss issues together, and these events offer that chance, in a relaxed and safe atmosphere.