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for those involved in Church Schools

Our diocesan schools team offer a range of training courses, some of which are offered at a reduced price (or free) to schools or academies that have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the diocese.

Thinking of becoming an Academy?

FREE WORKSHOPS by Lee Bolton Monier-Williams

The workshops will be led by Tricia Pritchard, Education Adviser LBMW, former headteacher, HMI, Diocesan Director of Education and Chief Executive of the Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust and Simon Foulkes, Education Consultant LBMW, former Managing Director of Ethos School Improvement Ltd and Assistant Diocesan Director (School Organisation) for the Diocese of Canterbury They will be held at LBMW’s offices at 1, The Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3JT.  The offices are next to Westminster Abbey.

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