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Church School Admissions

The governing body of an aided school and the board of directors in an Academy are the school's admission authority. This means they are responsible, within the terms of the Admissions Code, for drawing up the school's admission policy and criteria for admission, which includes any Supplementary Information Form (SIF).

The Local Authority administers the admissions process for main round admissions, i.e. admissions to schools in September. Each Local Authority has different arrangements for in year admissions; please consult your Local Authority for their current arrangements.

Chichester Diocese offers advice for our VA schools and academies on admissions and appeals. Please see the links for our guidance, further information and current Codes. A model policy is available on request.

Summer Born Children:

The 2014 Admissions Code includes the right to request deferral of entry for summer born children until the following school year. Although parents/carers can request this, the decision on whether or not to agree the request rests with the admission authority, for VA schools this is the governing body, in consultation with the headteacher. The summer born statement is a suggested form of wording to be included in your admission arrangements.

Summer born children and deferral of entry into reception for the following year

Each application for such deferral is treated by the school on an individual basis, considering the evidence supplied, this will be from professionals who know the child and from parents/carers.If parents wish to request this, they need to apply in the chronological year (i.e. the year in which the child would normally be entering school) and at the same time submit a request to the school for deferral to reception for the following year. If this is agreed by the governors, after reviewing the evidence for the request and in consultation with the head and any others involved with the child, then the place cannot be held open and the parents/carers will need to apply again the next year in the normal way. The school will then treat and rank the application according to the criteria published in admission arrangements along with all others received. Please be aware that although the deferral may be agreed, there is no guarantee of a place being available at the school for the following year.

Please note that the DfE have decided that the current approach to summer born children and requesting deferral is not working to achieve what they intended (i.e. parental requests for deferral being approved in most cases)and it is now being reviewed, this may result in a new code being issued later this year.

We will update the advice as soon as we have more details.

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