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School Improvement

The Diocese of Chichester has a clear vision of excellence for its church schools. It aims to work closely with all schools to develop their distinctiveness and the quality of the educational experience they provide for their children, families and local communities. The Diocesan Board of Education is therefore committed to strengthening effective networks of support and establishing closer links with other organisations and professional bodies, to turn this vision into reality.

The core purpose of the Education Team is to provide a range of services and support for all church schools. Over the last few years, the volume and nature of the work of the Education team has changed considerably, as other avenues of support for schools have disappeared.

The Education Team now has a broad remit of responsibilities for school effectiveness, school improvement, leadership, governance, admissions, appeals, federations and partnerships, academies, land and building services, as well as maintaining its more traditional responsibilities for Christian distinctiveness, spiritual development, Collective Worship and Religious Education.

The Board of Education recognises that there is a need, as never before, for schools to access timely and high quality services. It therefore aims to:

  • Provide pastoral and professional support for church schools and academies
  • Facilitate and broker networks to enable schools to be self-supporting
  • Promote excellence and distinctiveness within the family of church schools and beyond
  • Share best practice
  • Provide high quality professional development for staff at all stages of their career
  • Provide high quality professional support for governance
  • Support the academy conversion process, where this is appropriate for schools
  • Establish partnerships and federations of schools to ensure their sustainability into the future
  • Work in partnership with schools to effect school improvement
  • Represent church schools at national, regional and local level
  • Protect the status of church schools and academies
  • Protect and improve the assets of church schools in relation to buildings and land

This year the Education Team has developed both the range and quality of the services it offers to church schools and has established a team of over 30 consultants to enhance the core work of the department.  To cover these services there is a Service Level Agreement all schools have been asked to buy into.  For more information on this go to SLA.


One of the first things Ofsted look at when inspecting a school is the school's website.  There is specific information which has to be published on every maintained schools website and this can be found on the DfE guidance to schools website