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Church School Buildings

General Information

The Diocese schools currently fall into three categories Academies, Voluntary Controlled and Voluntary Aided Schools. These have very distinct differences relating to their buildings but one commonality in regard to the land and buildings. The land and buildings are owned by the diocese generally under ancient trust deeds that have as the original Trustees Vicar and Church Wardens. There are numerous variations however it is helpful to generalise, at the same time as recognising the need to investigate fully the individual sites when required.

The Diocese’ role is to assist schools in safe guarding their assets of both the value of the buildings and land. To this end any alterations, extensions, expansions, and changes to the building generally require the permission of the Diocese. The Diocese particularly assists Voluntary Aided Schools in advising on building development and capital asset planning.

Academies: Land and buildings are held by Diocese and playing fields retained by Local Authority (LA) on a 125 year Lease.

Voluntary Controlled: Land and buildings held by Diocese and playing fields by LA. In 1944 VC Schools came under the LA and therefore they are responsible for maintenance of the buildings.

Voluntary Aided: Land and buildings held by Diocese and playing fields by LA. They remain as voluntary aided and funded schools supported by their local parish and are more independently funded. This gives the school access to different capital funding streams but also liabilities and obligations. Primarily the requirement to pay governors 10% on all capital funded projects including Devolved Formula Capital and Local Authority Co-ordinated Voluntary Aided Programme (LCVAP). They also unlike LA are required to pay VAT.

Devolved Formulae Capital Voluntary Aided Schools
See Document 'Buildings Department Overview September 2014'

LCVAP - Local Authority Co-ordinated Voluntary Aided Programme
See document 'Buildings Department Overview September 2014